Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Living with Intent

I like having a purpose.  I encourage my little one to declare an intent each morning and enjoy sharing my intents on Intent.com.  Making public declarations helps us live more consciously and bring our aspirations out of our dreams and into reality.  With the year winding down, I've discovered a new intent bubbling up within me.  I thought I'd share it here today.  

My intent is to rise each morning and smile... to be rooted and fluid, steady and secure, transparent, passionate, and balanced... to be accepting of my faults, prepared to get back up again when I fall, and to see everything as my teacher... to have a soft and grateful heart, open and ready to receive the blessings and abundance in my life, to be grounded in my family -- loving them and being loved in return... to know that divinity lives in me as me, and to rest in the awareness that I am enough. 

If you have an intent you'd like support achieving, please feel free to share it here -- or join me at Intent.com.
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